2012 will be the 20th Anniversary
of The Kumbaya Foundation

The Kumbaya Foundation will once again power up to focus on the global battle against the HIV/AIDS pandemic by bringing together Canadians for an evening of music and words.

The Kumbaya Foundation, established in 1992, raised over a million dollars for the care of people living with AIDS and HIV. What began as a gathering of Canadian musicians lead by singer Molly Johnson, grew into an annual festival of music, art, education and compassion that made a powerful impact on Canadians. From 1992 to 1995 Kumbaya was broadcast live by MuchMusic, and featured Canada's very best talent from Rush to The Tragically Hip, from Barenaked Ladies to Sarah McLachlan. In its inaugural, history making years at the Ontario Place Forum and the Molson Amphitheatre, Kumbaya's proud sponsors were Health Canada, Molson Breweries, Much Music and The House of Blues.

Now almost two decades later, the AIDS virus continues to spread world-wide, there are 33.3 million people worldwide with HIV/AIDS as of December 2009. Women now account for just over half of the people affected. Most affected have no access to treatment and, even for those "lucky" enough to get the drugs. There is NO CURE. In Canada, the rate of infection continues to rise alarmingly, nearly doubling in the last decade. For more information, visit www.avert.org/worldstats.htm.

Complacency and misinformation make the need for Kumbaya more relevant and important than ever. By speaking directly to the next generation, Kumbaya once again rises to the growing need and hosts a musical event to raise AIDS awareness. In conjunction with the International Conference on AIDS being held in Toronto, Kumbaya will lend a powerful voice to the international community, demonstrating that Canada cares passionately about the AIDS epidemic. The fundraising efforts will benefit outstanding groups working for the cause, including the Stephen Lewis Foundation, War Child Canada and the Teresa Group.

XVI International AIDS Conference
Stephen Lewis Foundation
Teresa Group
Casey House
War Child Canada

The Kumbaya team that were involved were veteran activists June Callwood, Denise Donlon and Molly Johnson, along with Shelley Ambrose, Anna Ross, Mark Smith, Pegi Cecconi, Velma Barkwell, Dianne Summers, Kathy Cochrane, Don Simpson, Carolyn V. Mill, Health Canada, Chum Group, House of Blues and many others who will help get the message heard.

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